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Web page renewal

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The oficial Last2 web page just got renewed. It includes new functionalities that are necessary for a correct game progress, such as registering, login, user panel, players ranking and, finaly, a blog.

However, the functionalities relating the users' account are being disabled until two weeks prior to the server opening. Thereby, the most outstanding section as of now is going to be the players ranking. The new ranking offers filtering by empire, job and skill. Also, you will be able to search a character by name applying, or not, the mentioned filters. If the player were to exist, it would be highlighted in the players table.

Players ranking

Going past what it was already mentioned, a lot of previously reported errors have been fixed. Likewise, the design of some parts of the web has been slightly modified, like for example, the footer. For those who love details, some easter eggs were included. Let's see who is able to find them all!

As of last, it is worth mentioning that the sections that contain information or guides will be added soon, since this update had as a goal to bring those functionalities needed for the game opening.

News Last2 blog

To summarize, with this update, it will be possible to post news of interest for the players, it being for the game opening, future game updates, or the approach of possible forum debates.

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