Privacy policy

Information that we store

The page stores all the information that the end-user provides in the registration form: username, password, contact e-mail aswell as recovery one, a nickname to identify in our services and the language with what you've registered. In your first visit, the home page will detect the preferred language in their browser.

All this information that the user is providing to the page is used for the correct functionality of the web-page as: login, payments and show content in the right preferred localization. However, the user can modify all this information in the control panel, except the username since this is unique.

Finally, the administration is committed to: not sell or share this info. Nevertheless, we can't guarantee the same for the information with external services beyond our control.

Data protection

The administration of the website is committed to protect all your data applying all the resources and knowledge. However, we recommend the user take security procedures to avoid future problems such as: not using the same passwords used in other services and not sharing or showing your login credentials in other webpages that are not

Use of cookies

From the point of view as a lifetime service, we storage log-in cookies for the correct functionality of the website permanently that are saved in the hard drive of each user and they are relative to the language used. Any other type of cookie belongs to the external services described below.

In case that the user wants to block cookies, you should check the information provided by the browser itself. We provide said information in the links below.

External services

The website counts with several external services so we can provide a better quality service such as estimations and analyze our public and clients. We provide the third party services below that are being used and the owners of said cookies and privacy policy:

External links to third parties

In some cases the webpage may contain external links. The end-user accepts that these links are under their own terms and conditions. This website only have authority on their own terms. In this case we advise that the user visiting one of this external links should read and accept or not their conditions of use.

Legal consent

The user accept that these privacy policy will take effect the moment you accept them or you register in our services.

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