The last era of the Dragon God

Enjoy the old school experience exploring new continents in Last2


What is Last2?

Last2 is a new PvM server where you will be able to immerse yourself into a hostile world filled with dungeons. Also, you will have the opportunity to explore new continents and choose to be part of one of the two empires. You will be able to take advantage of the new functionalities and become the best PvP or PvM player with the new leagues system. Are you ready to play it?

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Image of the rework of Red Forest

Discover the new systems

With the new and improved Last2 systems, you will get to enjoy a better game experience. Made by and for the community. Shop searcher system, reworked teleport system, group finder system, revamped guild and fishing systems, and a lot more awaiting!

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Server stats




Last 24h





Shiadan Shiadan flag
Jihong Jihong flag
0% - 0
100% - 1


# Name Empire Level Experience
1BuenTabarnesJihongJihong flag1200.00%60
2TestArrowJihongJihong flag1200.00%48
3GuerreroJihongJihong flag1200.00%0
4TestingLOLJihongJihong flag1200.00%0
5TestJihongJihong flag1200.00%0

Reworked maps

In the world of Last2 you will be able to explore and enjoy many completely redesigned maps, exciting new and unique landscapes await you. More detailed and realistic, to get you immersed in a new world of fantasy and adventure.

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Patch notes


Guides for new players

In this section you will find the latest guides to help you start in the world of Last2 and get better at it. Here you will find guides from the most basic content to the most recent updates. May Dragon God bless you!

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