Image of one of the zones of Temple of Sand

Introduction to the dungeons of the first version

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The dungeons will have a notable role in Last2, as it was previously announced already.Thus, in this article we will analyze them while showing exclusive images of some of them also.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that the first dungeon is accessible at level 10, and it is located in the first city of each kingdom (the red flag one, Shiadan and, the blue flag one, Jihong).Because of that, it is to be expected that they will take a big role in the development of the game and the character itself. Likewise, it is deductible that their loot will be totally worth it, obtaining unique items in the game, like for example, Concentrated Reading.

In addition, following the style line designed by Last2, the dungeon entrances have been modified to give them the importance they deserve. This way, each entrance will have a more outstanding look in their environment, displaying a higher value. The following video shows the entrance of the first dungeon of the game, the so called Cursed Ruins.

Likewise, and as previously mentioned, new dungeons were added to the game. Some of them are already known by most players like, for example, Orc Maze or the already mentioned Cursed Ruins. However, many of them are dungeons designed from scratch by the Last2 team. The most important aspect of this design is not that they are new, but that they also include new functionalities that make the dungeons appealing to the server. The mechanics of clearing rooms and destroying every stone lose relevance, and the new functionalities take the lead to make them a lot more dynamic and exciting.

Image of the entrance of the Temple of Sand dungeon

Now we will show you the list of dungeons that will take part in the game in its first version, that will be as far as level 99, the rest of the developed dungeons will be part of future expansions (this list can be altered depending on the future development of the game):

  • Level 10: Cursed Ruins.
  • Level 15: Easy Ape Dungeon.
  • Level 25: Medium Ape Dungeon.
  • Level 30: Orc Maze.
  • Level 30: Hard Ape Dungeon.
  • Level 40: Demon Tower.
  • Level 40: Temple of Sand.
  • Level 50: Portals of Ashdra.
  • Level 55: to be announced.
  • Level 60: Spider Queen's Nest.
  • Level 65: to be announced.
  • Level 65: to be announced.
  • Level 75: Devil's Catacomb.
  • Level 80: to be announced.
  • Level 90: Beran-Setaou.

Note: every dungeon except Demon Tower, the level 80 one, and Beran Setaou, will have a level cap, meaning if you are higher level than allowed you will not be able to enter that dungeon.

Image of a zone with ruins in the Temple of Sand dungeon

Finally, it is worth noting that every dungeon will be tied to an unique ranking: the Dungeons League. In the future, all the information about this new and exclusive system will be provided.

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